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About On Song

On Song offers unique capability and proprietary solutions that will bring your business better results, faster and more consistently, through our understanding of the “driving force” for any success… people… your human resources.

On Song started in 1989 as The Russell Group, Inc. to provide high-level human resource and benefits consulting, tools, and oversight to small and mid-size companies. It began with the commitment to create solutions from the perspective and needs of those in the heat of battle, executives and managers. We understand the imperatives of focusing on efficiency and controlling costs while facing the absolute necessity of optimal performance and creativity.

Our client relationships are most often long term and span many industries, giving us a unique understanding of the common levers that drive human performance in business. Over the past twenty years we have seen what works and what doesn’t work, and we understand the “why” and the “how” of success. We have created unique and successful solutions to some of the most challenging problems in business including:

  • Using The RPM Matrix to accurately tie pay to performance in a way that isn’t just a slogan, but actually works
  • Conducting performance evaluations that are effective and get done
  • Solving the problem of constant cost increases and benefit decreases in employee benefit programs
  • Cost-effectively attracting, retaining, and developing the best leadership
  • And much more...

We have grown to focus on both research and application, and we now have leading edge capabilities to support companies of all sizes. We exist to “do what can’t be done and solve what can’t be solved.” We know exceptional success can be achieved when the power and complexity of people interacting and performing within a business are focused and in harmony.

For inspiration in creating our solutions, we have looked at successful models of optimal performance in all areas of life and science. We studied areas including the intricate and precise blending of complex components in racing machines (e.g., Formula One or other competitive racing); the way atoms of light “cooperate as a chorus singing the same note” to create an “intense, coherent, needle-thin beam of a laser”; the harmony of the varied interactions of sound in a beautiful symphony; and more.

Creating that kind of success and optimal performance for our clients is our passion and our commitment. It is what is meant by being On Song.