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David L Russell – SPHR, CCP, CBP

Dave has 31 years experience in executive management and consulting providing solutions for his own companies and his numerous clients. Areas of expertise include human resources, benefits, and general business practices. Dave's specific expertise is understanding human motivation and how it optimizes success in business. He is frequently requested as a speaker and instructor. He has designations as a Senior Professional of Human Resources, a Certified Compensation Professional, and a Certified Benefit Professional, and holds certificates in Employee Relations Law, Employee Benefits Law, and Pension Administration. Dave is the architect of the RPM Matrix, a patented system for aligning and optimizing people and processes. He is the founder of the Health Savings Alliance, and the Ten Cents an Hour Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian organization.

Daniel W Henrie - MHRM, SPHR, CEBS

Dan Henrie has over 25 years experience as a Human Resource Consultant, Coach and Executive. Dan has worked extensively with large international companies as well as smaller companies looking to increase their productivity and efficiency. Dan has a broad range of expertise, but is uniquely effective at providing financial metrics for all aspects of human interaction within a business, increasing efficiencies and performance, and for coaching and mentoring executives and management to optimized productivity. He has designations as a Senior Professional of Human Resources and a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist. Dan serves on the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee of Globus Relief, a non-profit humanitarian organization, and is a founder of Globus Financial Relief, a non-profit financial education and counseling center.

D Allen Miller MOB, SPHR

Allen is an accomplished human resources executive with over 25 years experience in both domestic and international environments particularly in Africa and the Middle East. Allen brings a clear understanding of what human resources can do to enhance productivity and reduce costs. He possesses a unique perspective that translates theoretical concepts into bottom line results. Allen is a recognized trainer and speaker. He received Bachelor or Arts and Master of Organizational Behavior degrees from BYU. Allen also is designated as a Senior Professional of Human Resources. His clients include BP, JC Penney, Kinross, and other Fortune 500 companies in numerous sectors and well as public and non-profit organizations.

David Gilliland MOB

David has 9 years experience as an external consultant and coach helping companies align their people and organization to deliver greater innovation and value to their customers. He has consulted with both large mulit-national companies and small entrepreneurial startups, helping them to understand sound, yet uniquely efficient business practices that facilitate more effective leadership with better corporate results. Some of the more well known companies he has provided consulting services for include intel, Deutsche Bank, Campbell Soup, Proctor & Gamble, and United Health Group. David has a Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior and a Bachelors Degree in Finance from BYU. He has a passion for helping his clients solve problems and create value.

Jared Ray Chapman – PhD, MBA, MSc

Jared has 10 years experience facilitating leadership development and employee performance as a coach, trainer, and manager. His career focus has been creating environments where people can be effective and successful. Jared's broad work experience and education (including work as a general manager, production manager, instructional designer, technology specialist, and trainer) allow him to engage multiple perspectives when solving organizational issues.

Casey Foote – MBA, MACC, CPA

Casey has over ten years of management experience as a controller, CFO, and consultant. Casey has also owned and managed construction and real- estate development businesses. He enjoys helping businesses streamline their accounting systems and find innovative solutions to the complexities of their business environment. Casey holds an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business with an emphasis in finance and a Masters of Accounting degree from BYU’s Marriott School of Management. Casey is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Barrie D Brewer – PhD

Barrie has a PHD in the Philosophy of Business Administration and is the former successful CEO of 2 companies. He is frequently requested as a speaker and consultant. His background includes experience as a Six Sigma Instructor and a U.S. Delegation Member to the United Nations and he is affiliated with the World Trade Association. He is also very involved in philanthropy and humanitarian causes.

Jonathan K Driggs – JD

Jonathan is an attorney with over fourteen years experience in investigations, education, and consulting on all employment and benefit law related issues.

B Joseph Wadsworth – JD

Joseph is an attorney with over 10 years experience in business consulting & executive management. He is the President of Asia Pacific Corp., a company specializing in legal and business consulting for U.S. companies in Japan.

Kirk Arnell

Kirk has 30 years experience in the group employee benefits field with a particular expertise in handling the complex and sometimes intense day-to-day interactions between companies, employees, health care providers and insurance carriers. He is able to quickly and sensitively understand and facilitate the needs of sometimes conflicting parties. He prides himself on being "the best" at personally caring for each individual client. Before partnering with OnSong, Kirk started and oversaw a highly successful insurance agency, Arnell Insurance Group. Kirk is also a renowned horseman and enjoys "getting in the saddle" with clients to get away from the typical conference room.

Doug Peterson

Doug has more than 20 years top-level, in-house health insurance carrier experience. He is a board member for top insurance carriers in Utah. He has underwriting, marketing, funding, and sales expertise for national and local companies. He is also the founder and developer of one of the top insurance benefit brokerages in Utah, ABSi.

Rob Sautter

Rob has 7 years experience with a top national insurance carrier, specializing in self funding & benefit analysis, including network and claims analysis. He provides expert account management for national and local groups from 2 - 500 employees, is a member of NAHU and UAHU, and is licensed in multiple states.

Brandon Condie – MA, CPCE

Brandon is a behaviorist and personal therapist with an emphasis in organizational behavior. He specializes in depression and PTSD and their effects on individual performance and change in the workplace.

Susan Richardson Chapman – MPH

Susan has over ten years experience in the health and fitness industry. She has a Master of Public Health and numerous group fitness instructor and personal trainer certifications. Susan’s areas of expertise include long-term weight loss, corporate wellness, and advanced endurance training. Susan has worked as a university instructor, Public Health Relations Officer, and the director of high-profile public health programs. Susan’s philosophy is increasing individual wellness by building sustainable healthy behaviors founded in sound nutrition and exercise principles.

Scott D Reagan

Scott is currently a test pilot for NASA and is the head of astronaut flight training. He was formerly an adversary pilot for the Naval Top Gun Schools and Navy Chief of Staff for Operations. Scott brings an understanding of what it takes to be elite and to create teams in critical and top performing environments. He is the recipient of many awards and holds four Master degrees including Business Management.